Criminal Defense & Family Law Lawyer

When you are facing a legal matter, there is an alternative to facing the matter on your own. By having an experienced attorney by your side, you increase the chances of receiving a satisfactory outcome in your case. In the meantime, a great deal of stress is removed from the situation and you will never be left wondering what will happen next. Through every step of the process, you will be advised of what is happening, of your rights, and of your options. With the proper communication, you will be able to make informed decisions in your case so you can move toward an outcome that will work for you.

Dedicated And Aggressive Criminal Defense

Serving Southwestern Minnesota, we have stood by the sides of clients and fought for their rights to be upheld and given aggressive and meaningful representation in their criminal cases.

Serving Southwestern Minnesota we have assisted clients navigate the criminal justice system to get fair outcomes in their individual case. Whether or not you are guilty of a crime, you have rights that need to be protected and one of those rights is to have a focused and experienced Southwestern Minnesota criminal defense lawyer working by your side and fighting for you through every step of your case. Below are just some of the criminal charges that clients have received aggressive and strategic representation for:

  • Murder
  • Drug possession (1st – 5th Degree),
  • Drug sales (1st – 5th Degree),
  • Drug sales in a school zone, public park, or public housing zone,
  • Drugs – cause or permit a child or vulnerable adult to ingest, inhale, or be exposed to meth,
  • DWI,
  • Disorderly conduct,
  • Theft,
  • City junk ordinances,
  • Driving after suspension,
  • Driving after revocation,
  • Fugitive from justice,
  • Terroristic threats,
  • Financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult,
  • Domestic assault,
  • Theft – authorize corporation to make a distribution,
  • Underage drink and driving,
  • Wrongfully obtaining assistance,
  • Issuance of a dishonored check,
  • Negligent fires,
  • Domestic assault – strangulation,
  • Driving after cancellation IPS,
  • Violation of an order for protection,
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon,
  • Financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult – breach of obligation failure to provide care,
  • Assault of a peace officer,
  • Theft of a motor vehicle,
  • Criminal sexual conduct (1st – 5th Degree),
  • Financial transaction card fraud,
  • Careless driving,
  • Carry/possess a pistol without a permit,
  • Driving without a valid license for vehicle class or type,
  • Indecent exposure, lewdness or procure another to expose in the presence of a minor under 16,
  • Obstructing legal process,
  • Obstruction of legal process- interfear with a police officer,
  • Reckless driving,
  • Assault (1st – 5th Degree),
  • Criminal damage to property,
  • Trespass,
  • Underage consumption,
  • Burglary,
  • Theft by swindle,
  • Check forgery,
  • Fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle,
  • Liquor possession by a person under 21,
  • DWI – refuse to submit to testing,
  • Sale/possession or use of fireworks,
  • Tamper with a motor vehicle,
  • Convicted felon in possession of a firearm,
  • Careless driving,
  • Contempt of court – willful disobedience of a court order,
  • Receiving stolen property,
  • Theft of services,
  • False imprisonment,
  • DWI of a commercial motor vehicle,
  • Driving without proof of insurance,
  • Interference with a 911 call,
  • Give false name to a police officer,
  • Wrongfully obtaining assistance,
  • Open bottle,
  • Collision with an unoccupied motor vehicle – failure to notify owner or police,
  • violation of a no contact order,
  • Possession of synthetic cannabinoid,
  • Theft by swindle,
  • Falsely reporting a crime,
  • False fire alarms/tamper with fire alarm system
  • Arson
  • And more

When you have been charged with a crime, you do not have to face the charges on your own, nor do you have to pay the maximum consequences.

Family Law Attorney

In family law matters, emotions run high. By having a compassionate and experienced attorney by your side, you are not alone. Let us help you shoulder the load, and fight for you.

In family law matters, emotions run high. By having a compassionate and experienced attorney by your side, you are not alone. You will have the tools that you need to make rational decisions and minimize conflict as much as possible so negotiations can be successful. We know what is important to our clients, so we focus on the issues and what is necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes. Some of the family legal matters that we can help you with include:

  • Divorce (contested, uncontested, and collaborative)
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Parenting time
  • Paternity
  • And more

Our goal is to reach a conclusion in the case that factors in what is important to you.

Contact Us To See How Our Experience & Dedication Can Help You In Your Case

If you are facing a criminal matter or a family law matter, we can help you find a satisfactory resolution to your case. From divorce and child custody issues to theft and DWI, you will have a powerful and knowledgeable advocate in your corner. To learn what we can do for you, call 507-822-5735 to schedule a free consultation.

Reviews From AVVO


Ginny was thorough, reliable and communicable throughout my entire case. She went above and beyond meeting with my wife and I on a Saturday afternoon to go over my case discovery, heard everything we had to say and addressed it whether in or out of court. She asked all the right questions, said all of the right things to assure us, and definitely stood her ground for us in court. Would highly recommend and would definitely use her again if ever needed!


She was very thorough throughout her investigation process, when we went to talk to the sheriffs office and did not leave any stone unturned. Very knowledgeable with the law. and also very prompt with returning phone calls.


The divorce process is very stressful and Ginny was helpful in talking me through it and was great in responding to my questions and concerns.


When faced with my first DUI charge, Ginny helped not only to explain each the charges against me, but also the seriousness of each charge and chances of getting it dismissed in court. I chose to go for a plea bargain, and she managed to get the charge dropped down to a mere reckless driving. If you're looking for legal help, Ginny is worth every cent and more.


I needed an attorney to help me with a complex DUI case. It was going to be a little tricky since I do not reside in Minnesota. I had contacted several attorney's that either did not return my call, or did not answer me back. When I contacted Virginia, she called me back within an hour and agreed to consult me on the phone, free of charge, about my case. I didn't want an attorney to tell me what I wanted to hear. Virginia was up front and honest, but was pleasant to put your nerves at ease. I could tell in the short time I talked to her, Virginia was genuinely concerned and helpful for my case. After I retained Virginia, and she had more information, she was very responsive and communicated to me from beginning to end solutions and strategies on how we should proceed. I count my blessings that I didn't go with another attorney because Virginia negotiated the best outcome I could have recieved. She also worked hard for a quicker resolution since I was home for my father's funeral and this would help me financially to alleviate future travel expenses and missing work. I'm grateful for her. If anyone is reading this should know, take it from me, hire Virginia for any type of case you may be involved in. You will have an attorney and the peace of mind knowing you have someone who will negotiate and fight hard for you.


Being a third time DWI offender I was overwhelmed with emotions about the possible outcome. Contacting Ginny after I was release was one of the best decisions of made. She provided clairity with regards to the law and guidence to what I needed to do get my license back. I had no issues communicating via phone, text or email. She did not promise me anything but I felt at ease knowing that she was handling my case.


This review for Virginia took me about two years to post simply because there aren't words that can describe the superb work this woman has put into my case. Virginia handled my first firearm charge in 2013 and together we fought the case until early 2015 when the prosecuter finally dropped the charges. The way she listened and took everything I had to say into consideration was unbelievable because she was an appointed attorney who worked like she was being paid . She picked up almost every phone call and if she didnt she always returned them as soon as she can. Having her handle my case was a blessing she treated me like a human being and assured me that whether we win or lose she will put up a fight . She believed in my innocence and that's a critical part of having someone as your lawyer . She's a beast in the court rooms and if you ever need a dependable lawyer who's got your back all the way without hesitation then she's your girl. A fair fight where justice is really served. Can't thank you enough Virginia.


Ginny is an extraordinary attorney. She went above and beyond to meet my needs , she was always prompt and knowledgable on anything and everything I brought to her. She consistently provided me with updated information regarding my case, gave me exceptional advice on what was most beneficial for my case. She always responded to my concerns or questions in a timely manner, even on weekends. I truly felt that while my case was in her hands that I was being taken care of and well looked after. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal advice, she's the best!


I am so lucky to have been appointed Jenny Barron through the courts to be my lawery. She fought so very hard for me and was always there to give me feedback on what was going on with my case. She helped me be able to live my life again. I thank God for having her as my lawery everyday.


When I first met Ginny, I was distraught and had come to the lowest point in my life. I had lost the will to live and then found myself in a serious legal issue. Although the outcome is still pending, the fact this wonderful human being treated me with care and compassion and not a criminal helped begin my journey to healing. Virginia once told me after I explained how shocked I was about how much she was trying to help me, "I'm just doing my job!" What she does however is go far above and beyond her job and I am a blessed human being to have Virginia help me through this devastating process. I am grateful for God putting her in my path and for the positive affect it has had on my life. I've been able to get help for my struggles and today I am in a far better place. Virginia truly cares and that's something you can't fake. God bless her.


Ginny was my 3rd attorney that I hired in my family case over a 7 year period. I wish I had been referred to her years ago. Her sincere interest in my case was refreshing. It was nice to have timely responses to my emails and my phone calls, sometimes within minutes. She never made me feel like I was a bother unlike my past experiences with other attorneys. Ginny is easy to talk to and when she says she is going to get something done, she does it. I have never seen an attorney work so hard, so efficiently and handle every situation so well. Her advice and guidance helped shape my case into a much stronger one. She always kept in contact and kept me informed of everything. I was amazed as how she followed up on my case until it was resolved. In the past, I was the one following up and often received no clear answers or no answers at all. Ginny was kind, caring, always kept me informed of every aspect of my case and gave me the advice that I needed. Ginny truly cares about her clients and fights for what is important to them. In the courtroom she was incredibly prepared, very detailed and professional. She doesn't make false promises and tells it like it is. When you choose an attorney, sometimes you are literally putting your life in their hands. I trusted Ginny then, and I would trust her again today. Ginny was dedicated and determined on what needed to be done. Needless to say… We WON! I would highly recommend her.


If you are in need of a top notch attorney to handle your criminal case, your choice should be Ginny! I was facing felony charges and she took the time to explain each charge and the case steps along the way. Ginny kept me in the loop as developments occurred. She was prompt in returning my calls. She is a skilled negotiator and understands how to get things done. She is honest, direct and tenacious but will treat you with respect and care. She was able to get me to laugh at times when I was feeling very low and needed a boost. Go to her website and read the "Firm Philosophy". Every word stated is accurate to what I experienced as we navigated through my case. In my situation, I am confident it was her hard work and knowledge of the legal system, which got my charges down to lowest possible charge and saved me from a sentence in jail/prison (and from losing my job). She will leave no stone unturned to work your case to provide the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Ginny. Though I hope I won't need her expertise again, without any hesitation, I would enlist her as my attorney in the future!


Virginia "Ginny" Barron is by far the best attorney I have had. I have hired attorneys in the past for other matters, and also dealt with numerous public defenders, and I can confidently state that I feel Ginny is the only lawyer that has had my best interest in mind and been in my corner 100% of the time. She was assigned to me through the public defenders office for an otherwise messy case, and proved to be not only professional, but over-the-top detailed. When dealing with her, I felt that she actually cared about my best interest and made sure I understood everything that was going on in trial beginning to end. I would hands down recommend her for any case you are dealing with. Furthermore, any questions I had she responded with information to help me understand in a very timely manner. She is definitely someone you want in your corner fighting for you!


I would just like to say that as my court appointed attorney Virginia (Jenny) Barron surprised me as I wasn’t sure what to expect. She went out of her way to read my medical records, get letters from my doctor and even contacted an expert in COPD which was the main part of my case. She kept in contact with me and returned calls as with Covid my case took a very long time. This wasn’t expected on my end and was very grateful to have gotten her as my attorney.


I was arrested and charged with both felony and misdemeanor charges. Even though i had no previous criminal history, the situation appeared bleak as I could certainly have faced jail time if convicted. While it was improbable i would be able to have both charges dropped; I was fortunate enough to have had Ginny assigned as my public defender. Ginny went through all the evidence with me and did a phenomenal job of keeping me informed as the case continued. The characteristic i appreciated the most when working with Ginny was that she always told me the truth, even if the truth was something i didn't want to hear. Throughout the entire process Ginny was hardworking and optimistic. On the day of my hearing she was both honest and supportive when speaking with my family and comforting my extremely stressed father. In the end Ginny went above and beyond and was actually able to get both the felony and the misdemeanor charges dropped. Thank you Ginny, your hard work and sense of humor are greatly appreciated!


I hired Ginny after being contacted by a detective, indicating I may be charged with a felony. She quickly assessed the situation, reassured me and helped me thru the interrogation process. No charges were filed but I’m certainly glad she was there to assist me.


After being arrested on a felony charge, Ginny was recommended to me by a friend. With only days before the probable cause hearing, I called her and left a message for her to contact me. She did so within 24 hours. After explaining my charges, she informed me she could help but would need a retainer to continue. As I could not come up with the full amount immediately, she was considerate enough to accept a substantial down payment and worked with me to pay off the balance that fit my budget. Due to her hard work and timely response, she was able to recuse the assigned judge, move my case to a more favorable court, and come to an agreement with the prosecutor on a plea agreement that avoided a probable cause hearing. It also resulted in me only having to go to court once to finalize the agreement. I feel the plea agreement she was able to negotiate was in my best interest and prevented a trial by jury which very possibly could have resulted in jail time and a very stiff fine. Though I still had to pay a nominal fine, and need to be on probation for a few years, the result will be a felony charge that will be dismissed after completion of probation. Because of her hard work, she saved me countless hours I could have lost from work, and probably saved my job. I highly recommend Ginny. I would use her again, but see no reason why that need should ever arise. Not for a criminal charge anyway. Thank you Ginny.


I hired Ginny to represent me in a felony matter she explained everything to me and what I was looking at even tho we thought my case was messed up she negotiated a deal so I wouldn't have to sit any time I definitely recommend her with any charges you would have she is an awesome lawyer and will fight for you till she can't any more


I was in need of legal help in the spring of 2018 for a dui charge that I had gotten. This was my first legal trouble and was very upsetting as to what was going on. Ginny calmly explained things to me and did her best to make a bad situation a bit easier to go through. Ginny thoroughly looked all the evidence over and decided on the best coarse of action to follow, then ultimately gave me the chioce of what we do. We then proceeded and she worked out the best possible agreement with the court and made things as easy on me as possible. She definitely knows what she is doing and I would highly recommend her services !!


I found myself in need of 2 attorneys for felony offenses. Ginny was recommended to me from an attorney in another state. After our initial consultation, I knew that I had found the best. She proved this many times throughout the months that she worked for me. Ginny followed through on her promise to keep me informed promptly and the lines of communication with her were flawless. I saw Ginny at her Best on the day of our final hearing. I still had some concerns regarding a provision in the plea agreement. Ginny had listened to me regarding this and prepared well. On our day in court, Ginny was already there arranging a meeting with The Judge, D.A., and our 2nd attorney who had Not listened and had resigned to the plea agreement. I will never forget the smile on her face as she was finally able to round them all up and led them back to the Judges chambers for her battle. Ginny came out with the outcome I had hoped for even against a very stubborn District Attorney. I can't emphasize enough how highly I think of her and her abilities! Ginny's knowledge, advice and work ethic are immeasurable and she always treated me with respect. If you need an attorney that will Focus on your needs, Call Ginny!


I retained Virginia Barron 4 months ago, I was charged with dog barking violations twice in Nobles County. Due to Virginia Barron expertise in criminal law she was able to effectively resolve all charges with the district attorney’s office. Thank you Virginia for your time and effort regarding this matter.


I hired Ginny about 6 months ago for child custody. I feel she really gets to know you and fights hard for you as any court case can be difficult. She is thorough and gets things done on a very timely manner. I didn't know how to do some things or how the court system works but she is very knowledgeable in this and will give you her ideas or what would be the best for you before you make a final decision. She answered my emails or calls as soon as she could usually within a few hours. Ginny has been a very trustworhy, helpful, strong hardworking lawyer. I'm not done with my case yet but I believe Ginny will give it her all and stand up and fight for myself and my children. Thank you


I had a poor lapse of judgment and solicited a prostitute in my hometown. I thought that my life was ruined! Being that I had never hired a lawyer before I didn't know where to turn for a quality lawyer. Then I found Virginia “Ginny” Barron a Criminal Defense lawyer from Westbrook, MN. I decided to choose Ginny and it was the best decision that I ever made. In our first consultation we talked about my side of the story and what I was charged with. I found that Ginny is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about Minnesota laws. I was charged with a gross misdemeanor. I lost my job, my name was destroyed in the community, I had to withdraw from my master’s program, and my future and dreams destroyed before me. My only chance to get my career back on track was to clear my background of any wrongful doings. Ginny informed me that she would fight for a stay of adjudication. Ginny strategically planned a winning defense for me. In the courtroom it was clear to me that Ginny is in complete control, she might only be 5ft but she kicks ass! During sentencing I found out that I could have received 1 year jail time, a gross misdemeanor on my record for life, and up to a $3000 fine. Through Ginny’s great lawyer skills, I’ve been placed on 1 year probation, $1500 fine, and 50 hours of community service. The real win that Ginny got me was if after 1 year of law abiding behavior the gross misdemeanor will be dropped from my record! I owe so much to Ginny and the plea deal that she was able to get me. Truly a great lady and a talented lawyer!


Ginny was very open and honest about everything we would be facing. She was very on top of things and was very respectful of my decisions even if she didn't necessarily agree. Overall she is a wonderful and dedicated lawyer!


Ginny deserves 5 stars in all the categories listed above. I felt she did an excellent job for me in the court room and had the upper hand. I would recommend highly recommend her. She is not your "status quo" lawyer. She really does have your back and is willing to fight for your case. I felt comfortable turning everything over to her.


I Had Ginny and she is amazing. Smart and very brave and 100% attentive . I would always call her from now on rather i have a criminal or family case. I have wanted to fight for my daughter for some time and been fearful and with her she makes you feel confident.


We hired Ginny to move forward with trying get custody of our son. Our case is still ongoing but Ginny has done an excellent job of keeping the case moving forward and standing up for our rights. She has always kept us well informed of what is going on as well as our options. We know that she has our best interests in mind and for our son as well. Our goal is to do what is right for our son and to do whatever it takes to get to that point and Ginny has always done that as well. She was always available to meet or discuss our case and worked very hard to make sure we had the best case possible. We would recommend her and feel we are in good hands moving forward.


My reasons for recommending Ginny for a lawyer is because she is straight forward and open about how to go about the case. She has faith and believed in me that I would stay strong and when I had a question and if she didn't have the answer she would get back to me with in a reasonable time. She has really good advice and when I would start to have anxiety about court she was always positive and understanding of why I was feeling the way I did. Ginny was the best court appointed attorney I've had.


Ginnie was my Public Defender for my 2nd DWI. She was very kind and caring. She also negotiated a plea bargain which helped me repay my debt to society by working community service instead of doing jail time. She was very knowledgeable regarding the statutes which also allowed for me to get the assistance I needed, as I did not have the financial means to do so. Ginnie went above and beyond for me and also faxed a document to the DVS so I could get my driver's license back and pay only partial payment of the reinstatement fee up front and then the remaining amount over the next 3 years. The plea bargain for this 2nd DWI was better than the one I received on my 1st DWI. She also advised me regarding what I would have faced and would face if I ever received another DWI, which prompted me to go into alcohol treatment, I am currently 8 months sober and counting! Thank you Ginnie for everything!


I had Virgina as a lawyer recently and she amazed me. My boyfriend and i watched her shut down a FED and even mentioned him "being cute" cause he answered her rudely then she proceeded to tell her client to leave and not talk to the cops. Then i knew she was the girl for me. I never even seen a judge and got a charge dropped i had to sign a piece of paper. She is great! Kelly and Wylie


I would really recommend Virginia to anybody who needs a lawyer. This women is very intelligent and know what she is doing. Virginia is my lawyer for a family law case and she has always been very blunt about everything. She puts 110% in her work. I can tell she is very dedicated and honest. I wanted a lawyer that would not beat around the bush with me and I strongly feel that I got that and some. I love that she takes the time to answer my questions so I understand the situation and she always responded in a timely manner. If you want a lawyer to fight for you and help you in any way they can. You should call for a free conciliation. You will see what I mean


This lady said she would fight for me and she did! She is upfront and takes no crap. Knowing what I have been faced with in trying to gain custody of my grandchildren from the county, one of my friends gave her the title of Tigerlady and it is entirely correct. Ginny has guided me through this process with honest feedback, uncompromising dedication, researched every aspect of the 'misinformation' that was hurled my way and kept me informed and in the loop every step of the way. If you want someone that is 100 % on your side and not afraid to fight for you, this is your attorney.


I would highly recommend Virginia Barron to anyone who is looking for a lawyer. She did a quality job from beginning to end and I would certainly request her should I need any further legal advice. She was very prompt, knowledgeable, and she kept me informed.


I had Virginia Barron as my attorney on 2 separate cases. She gave me advice and helped me navigate the court system on both occassions. She was knowledgeable and keep me informed of dates, times, and what she was doing on the cases. She always told me what to expect from the judge and the court attorney. She worked with the other attorney and court system to get me the best possible outcome both times. She was honest with her advice and we were able to complete the cases in a timely manner. She is approachable and trustworthy. She is the lawyer you want on your side when trouble seems to find you. I would recommend her to anyone that might need an attorney.


I was looking for a really smart, quick and confident divorce attorney, and I found her in Ginny Barron. I trusted her completely because it was obvious she had the intelligence, experience and ambition to represent me well. She was efficient, personable and just plain strong. I highly recommend her.


I hired Virginia in a case concerning a traffic violation I was cited for that I felt was a little extreme for what I had been accused for. Virginia was very knowledgeable in the traffic laws and help me to obtain the reduced sentence that I asked for. She kept me informed on all that was going on in the case and answered all my questions on the matter. I would defiantly recommend her and hire her again if needed!


I retained Virginia Barron 4 months ago, I was charged with dog barking violations twice in Nobles County. Due to Virginia Barron expertise in criminal law she was able to effectively resolve all charges with the district attorney’s office. Thank you Virginia for your time and effort regarding this matter.


Virginia is the best lawyer I've met and had by far! Makes real good arguments and without her I probably wouldnt have my son! Best lawyer for child protection!


I have had Virginia represent me on two different cases. A felony case and a misdemeanor case. I was very surprised at her involvement and interest in helping me from the first time i talked with her. She utilized her resources in many ways in helping me with my felony case. She spent many hours preparing for a presentation and fighting for me and my freedom! Virginia was ALWAYS available for me to call and talk to regarding questions and concerns. She helped me tremendously in maintaining a positive attitude going forward and when i got a little anxious or started to worry she coached me through all of that too! Always assuring me that she was going to fight for me!!! She also helped me out in a couple of appearances i was unable to be present for she represented me and made life much easier instead of having to reschedule. While having pending felony charges in a seperate county i was charged with a misdemeanor and she took that on for me as well. She is not afraid to fight for her clients!! I would recommend Virginia to everyone she is by far the most dedicated attorney I have met and I have met and hired quite a few!!!


Hands down the best criminal defense lawyer I came across, not because my case was won but because of her genuine belief in what you tell her . Quick to respond to your questions and concerns and has your best interest in mind at all times. I was facing two charges in two counties she made it possible for me to attend court over the phone so that a warrant wouldn't be issued for me. She knows her stuff and is always in touch. Real informative and won't sugar coat anything so be ready for the truth and what you will be facing . I was blessed to have her as my court appointed attorney . My case is still ongoing and regardless the outcome , you will be satisfied with her sincere dedicated effort .


Ginny came into my life at a time where everything was falling apart. I had just gotten out of an abusive marriage and was essentially homeless with children. She listened to me free from judgement and stood up for me when I didn't stand up for myself. She was accessible night, day, and weekend and made me feel as if she held a deeply personal interest in my case. The clear and decisive advice she gave me made it easier to climb over what seemed like a mountain to me.