I believe that the practice of law is not just about providing legal services but is about helping others in their time of need. I start with the belief that every client is worth fighting for and that good communication and taking the time to listen to you is the first step. I believe that you must be made aware of ALL your options and possible outcomes so you are in a position to make the best choice individually and/or for your family.

I understand that I am being entrusted with the life and future of each person I agree to represent, which is why I am committed to providing personal, aggressive, and honest help during some of the most difficult times in your life. I do not take a case unless I am committed to, and capable of, doing everything necessary to defend your rights and help you seek your personal objectives. Your case will receive the personal attention it deserves.

I understand that your lawyer is the only person in the legal system whose sole job is to stand up for you, and be your voice in a system that often seems crazy and uncertain. I believe in being honest with you and advising you when the fight is worth it and when other options might make more sense. I understand that when everything else in your life seems to be uncertain, frightening, and even unfair that your lawyer needs to be a source of stability, confidence, and knowledgeable information and advice. I am dedicated to representing you and am willing to give you  the time and attention needed to get the job done.