Southwestern Minnesota Criminal Lawyer & DWI Attorney

Serving Southwestern Minnesota , we have stood by the sides of clients and fought for their rights to be upheld and given aggressive and meaningful representation in their criminal cases. Facing the legal system when charged with a criminal offense can be stressful and overwhelming. Much of this has to do with the uncertainty about the legal process and what your future holds. Let us help you, so you can feel confident in your case.

With us, you have access to a powerful and competent Southwestern Minnesota criminal defense attorney who takes an individual approach to clients, while also aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome. Whether you are innocent or guilty, you have rights that need to be protected and one of those rights is the right to have a qualified and experienced attorney by your side every step of the way. It all starts with the free consultation.

Effective Litigation Skills

From fraud and domestic abuse to drug charges and DWI, clients receive the legal experience they need to resolve their concerns. Furthermore, the case receives a lot of focus. If you are facing a felony, misdemeanor, or gross misdemeanor, you deserve representation that is committed to ensuring you receive the best result possible in your case. That is what we are here to provide.

You can expect the following from us:

  • An explanation of the charges against you and the possible consequences
  • An explanation of the options you have to choose from
  • The setting of realistic expectations
  • A creative defense strategy
  • Protection of your Constitutional rights
  • Someone who will listen to everything you have to say
  • Someone who takes the time to answer all of your questions

Whether you have been charged with robbery or drug possession, murder or criminal sexual contact, you will never be in the dark and will be communicated with effectively so you always know what is happening. If you ever have any questions, you will always receive clear and concise answers.

Strategic & Dedicated Advocacy

When building your defense, it is important that defense strategies are based off of the facts. Even if you did commit the crime or played some part in it, there may be information and evidence in your case that can be used to your benefit. No stone will be left unturned as we investigate the charges against you. You will be provided help to navigate the very complex criminal law system in Minnesota and help you understand the processes that you will have to go through. From the first meeting to the conclusion, you will have a dedicated advocate by your side every step of the way. That way you never have to feel like you are moving through the system alone.

Contact A Southwestern Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you most likely have many questions about what to expect now and in the long-term. With an experienced attorney representing you, it is possible to receive a much better conclusion in your case than if you faced the charges alone. Serving the following counties: Pipestone, Cottonwood, Nobles, Rock, Murray, Lyon, Redwood, Jackson, and Lincoln, we are ready to dig in and get to work helping you. To learn more about how we can help you, call 507-822-5735 for a free consultation.